Our service offering enables our
customers to build their marketing
according to their needs
and budget
while considering
future requirements and trends.

Operating on a project basis or as your outsource PR and marcom agency, we work in partnership with your own teams to raise your company′s profile, stimulate sales and build brand equity.

Why Marketing Communication is important for your marketing organization - 

Building an annual marketing communication plan, inluding your digital brand and startehy According to the company′s marketing strategy and yearly plan. 

International and local exhibitions & conferences Starting with creating the exhibition’s marketing concept through building its budget, while handling all exhibition related marketing, administative and logistics aspects. 

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Public and Press Relations  Employing the power of the written word to leverage the company′s messages by incorporating them in the professional media: Traditional & new media, social media, blogs, professional websites. 

>>> Enjoy our presentation (Hebrew) about Public Relations and Media Relations and its importance in a company's business strategy  

Building the customer’s image, positioning & branding  Website, brochures, company presentations, data sheets, newsletters and more.

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